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Choosing the right webcam will be one of your most important gear decisions. Check out our article about the best webcams to explore your options.


Having a quality microphone is one of the best ways to increase your stream’s comfort and enjoyment. Here is our list of the best microphones for live streaming.


One of the biggest things that will set professionals and amateurs in live streaming apart is their lighting setup.

We create a comprehensive guide listing the best lighting options and how to set them up.


Picking the best gaming monitor for your live streaming rig is more complicated than ever due to all the different technologies. We’ve listed the best monitors on the market for pixel addicts.

Graphics Card - GPU - RTX vs GTX - AMD vs MSI


Graphics Cards are essential for gaming rigs and live-streaming setups. We researched what’s important when you’re looking for a new graphics card and listed our findings.

The 5 Best Motherboards For Live Streaming And Gaming in 2021


You won’t replace the motherboard as often as you might replace other parts of your setup, so buying one that can stand the test of time is essential.

CPU AMD Ryzen 7


The CPU of your gaming computer is probably one of the most important components of your setup, as it controls almost all other hardware components and thus impacts the entire computer’s performance.

The 5 Best RAM for Streaming and Gaming in 2022


While RAM memory won’t be the most significant expense on your gaming PC, it will keep everything running smoothly. Gamers regularly upgrade their RAM, so we’ve put together a rundown of everything you need to know, from the basics to how to overclock RAM.


To create the best content possible, a capture card is vital for any console and high-end PC streamer.


Getting into game streaming is easy since you only need a webcam and a microphone to start. Making your stream look professional is the hardest part.

We’ve listed all the best accessories you need for streaming, from desks and chairs to headphones and keyboards.


Do you love motorsports and need a handy guide to help you build the best sim racing rig for you and your budget? We’re here to help!


We regularly look at the best live-streaming tools in several categories and note our findings in comprehensive gear reviews.


We’ve written a few educational articles for streamers to support, motivate, and broaden the streamers’ networks.