Checklist: How to draft a sponsorship proposal (+ free template!)

Sponsorship proposals

You’ve spent the past few months behind your computer, building an online community while streaming and created an online personality that might be interesting for brands to work with. Time has come to reach out to them, but… how do you actually draft a sponsorship proposal? We already covered how marketers evaluate them, but now … Read more

How do marketers evaluate sponsorship proposals?

Most companies who are already active in the gaming scene get buried with hundreds of sponsoring proposals each month, for both online as offline partnerships. This makes it very difficult for your proposal to stand out, and even more so to actually seal the deal. The big question won’t be if your sponsoring proposal is … Read more

Everything you need to know about streaming on DLive

DLive is the first streaming network built on top of the Lino blockchain. It launched in December 2017 and the biggest selling point for using DLive is that they aren’t taking a cut of streamers’ earnings. Who’s currently using DLive? There aren’t any official numbers out there, but rumours are mentioning about 3 million monthly … Read more