Why actors are moving to YouTube


The most popular YouTube personalities became celebs before they started uploading (daily) vlogs with their gameplay, travel vlogs or even their makeup tutorials on their personal YouTube channels. They used their channels to document their life experiences, to gain fans, and to keep their subscribers engaged. The final goal was to use their channels as … Read more

How Twitch is redefining non-invasive advertising


We’ve analyzed hundreds of thousands of hours of Twitch streams at this point and I personally have watched thousands of hours from the perspective of a marketer. As part of what we do, I spend a lot of time looking at Twitch chat, listening to streamers speak to their audience, and understanding the why audience … Read more

Why influencers need a content calendar

content calendar

Being an influencer isn’t as glamorous as your favorite content creator makes believe: it’s hard work and there is simply no getting around that. Being a good content creator means constantly analyzing your reach, learning new tools, researching your hashtags and more. Then you throw in creating kickass content, working out what to post, brainstorming … Read more

This is Live: Influencer Marketing on Twitch

Influencer marketing is front and center in the digital space. Whether it’s Instagram models for Fyre Festival or Twitch streamers and Apex Legends, there’s incredible value to be had when a brand and an online personality come together. That being said, advertising to a live audience on Twitch comes with it’s own unique obstacles that do … Read more

What marketers should know about Twitch

When digital marketers are talking about the campaigns they are running or about the influencers they are working with, they are usually talking about projects carried out on Instagram, Facebook, and/or YouTube. Most community managers and marketers are sticking with the platforms they have worked with in the past and the platforms they feel most … Read more