How to leverage Instagram Stories to showcase your work

How To Leverage Instagram Stories To Showcase Your Work

Since the launch of Instagram stories in 2016, the feature has mostly been used to document small glimpses of people’s lives; what they eat, drink, see and where they go. However – as always – there are early adopters and creative minds who are forward-thinking and use the instagram stories to showcase their expertise work … Read more

Repurpose your content to promote your channel

You just went live, but what do you do with all the content you created and video that you just invested so much energy on? Don’t let them fade away. Give your content a life beyond your stream by repurposing it and presenting it in a different way. Think of it as the same ideas … Read more

How does Article 13 impact Twitch streamers?

Thirteen is a number that in many cultures and throughout history brings a lot of doom, and for a few; bad luck. For us – content creators – it also seems to be an unlucky number filled with doom and troubles. On the 26th of March, 2019, the European Parliament voted to approve an European … Read more

What’s the best way to end a livestream?

There are quite a few guides out there talking about how you should attract viewers to your stream or how you can improve the quality of your stream. However, something that’s rarely mentioned but also important is raising the question, how should you end the stream? How do you make sure that people who are … Read more

Music on twitch, what’s allowed?

Music fuels the mind, helps creativity and makes it easier to band with strangers. It’s something everyone has an opinion about so it’s no wonder why a lot of streamers use it to create engagement and to brighten up their stream. But as a streamer, it might be important to be aware of the rules … Read more

How to beat Twitch’s filter bubble?

Web companies like Twitch strive to tailor their content to their visitors’ personal tastes, with adangerous unintended consequence: We get trapped in a “filter bubble” and don’t get exposed to information that could challenge or broaden our worldview.