Visualizing the billion-dollar industry of esports

Take a look and enjoy! With the visual below, we’ll approach electronic sports – also known as esports – which gives us a lot to talk about.  PS: We suggest that you explore the visual at the “Press Start” button and discover the world of esports from there.  The esports visual explained As you might … Read more

How COVID-19 is disrupting the streaming industry

How COVID 19 is disrupting the streaming industry

One thing is sure: COVID-19 – also known as the Corona Virus – is going down in the history books: at no point in recent history has the world been faced with such a disruption to our daily lives – and the streaming industry – as it has been doing the past few weeks. It’s … Read more

Twitchcon Europe sings its heart out

During the first ever Twitchcon Europe in Berlin, Emmett Shear – CEO of Twitch – revealed that they are implementing updates to their streaming and discovery tools, while also unveiling that they are working on faster payments to their users, and officially launching Twitch Sings. Search and Directory Improvements One of the most common annoyances … Read more