Best accessories for streaming in 2023 – Buyer’s guide

Getting into game streaming is easy since you only need a webcam and a mic to get started. But, making your stream look professional is the hardest part.

At first sight, a streaming setup and the additional equipment to stream may seem a bit expensive, but chances are – definitely when you are a gamer – that you already have a respectable computer to run the software, accompanied by the accessories you need

Ultimately, your streaming setup and configuration is your choice. You can get as tech-savvy or as simple as you want. At the end, it’s all about your attitude and your content. We just like to give you some ideas for the options you have, and tell you about the accessories that might have an impact on the look and feel of your stream.

Capture Card

A capture card is a hardware device that helps you capture and stream high definition footage from consoles like the PS4 or Xbox one and transmits it to your PC. However, if you’re live streaming a game from your PC, a capture card is unnecessary.

If you are thinking about buying a capture card, than you need to factor a few different points into account:

  • Cost
  • The consoles you want to play on
  • The video quality you’d like to deliver
  • The usability

We’re created a detailed guide about capture cards, in which we suggest that you look into Elgato Game Capture HD60 S since it’s the most popular one currently on the market.


We’ve mentioned it in our webcam guide, 67% of viewers ‘drop out’ when they stumble upon a dark, grainy, or poorly lit stream. That’s why it’s important to be prepared: Work with a webcam that has a “low light quality boost” option, create a DIY lighting situation, or invest in professional lighting.

We dug up this Youtube video showing you the effects of a decently lit room. In case you are wondering, the lights used in this video are the LIFX Z LED light strip.

2nd monitor

Is a second monitor essential for streaming? No! However, it’s very convenient when you are live-streaming a game from your PC and want to monitor your chat, social media and OBS at the same time.

It will allow you to converse with the people watching your stream while being able to focus and play your game simultaneously.

Since the 2nd screen is primarily used for monitoring, you can go for a cheap monitor that is on sale for less than € 100. For example, the Philips 223V5LHSB2/00. If you’re looking for a new main monitor, you’ll have to look into the refresh-rate and response time. Our recommendation would be the Asus VP28UQG – 4K Gaming Monitor.

Green Screen

Another small improvement is a Green Screen. It is absolutely not essential, but it is a fun tool to use and allows your viewers to see more of the game since your background isn’t blocking anything. However, there are some practical but important things to keep in mind:  

  • The green screen will take up a considerable amount of space behind you
  • The green screen will put an extra workload on your CPU
  • It’s not easy to edit out the Green Key.

Is it worth a few hundred euros? Up to you. But, make sure your PC can process the extra CPU workload before buying a green screen!

Stream Deck

While we are speaking about “nice to have” gadgets, we ‘ll need to talk about the Elgato Stream Deck; It’s a customizable control pad for live-streaming that includes 15 customizable LCD keys which can be configured to switching scenes, launch media and adjusting audio on the fly. It definitely smoothes the streaming process when switching screens but at the end of the day, it’s up-to-you to decide if the high cost is worth it.


Something more important for gamers and streamers who are used to game for a substantial amount of hours? A gaming computer chair that sits comfortably and helps you maintain a good posture! This will ultimately lead to more focus and motivation while you are playing games.

Standing Desk

According to a few different health studies, active workstations (also known as standing desks) would reduce the stress and fatigue compared to people who sit all day. It would even have an impact on the mind, body, productivity and energy levels, so we see a lot of streamers switching to standing desks!


Ultimately, your streaming setup and configuration are your choice. You can get as tech savvy, as simple, or as DIY as you want. We just wanted to give you some guidance and tell you about the accessories that might have an impact on the look and feel of your stream.

Best accessories for streaming – Buyer’s guide