A Guide for Live Streamers on How to Use Final Cut Pro

YouTube live streaming is becoming more and more popular every day. With YouTube’s new live high-quality video feature, there has never been a better time to start your own YouTube channel!

In this post, we will give you some tips on how to use Final Cut Pro for YouTubers and what effects to use for the most popular type of videos: tutorials.

What is FCPX (Final Cut Pro)?

FCPX, also known as Final Cut Pro, is the video editing software on Mac. It comes with a lot of tools and effects that you may want to use during your live streams or in your YouTube tutorials.

What are FCPX Effects?

Final Cut Pro has many different effects to choose from which can be used either for stylistic purposes or just as an extra addition to make your tutorial more interesting! Some examples include text options, color correction, noise reduction, panoramic shots, light leaks etc. The list goes on… One thing we like about Finalcut pro is its variety – there’s something for everyone!

How can I use Final Cut Pro to live stream?

If you want to post a movie on a streaming website, you can export an HTTP live-streaming playlist that’s linked to a group of movie segments (such as MPEG-4 files) compressed using different settings. When hosted using the related server software, the playlist dynamically chooses the best version for a user’s device and internet connection speed.

A more detailed guide step-by-step guide can be found on Apple’s documentation website.

Tips on how to get a good picture from your phone or camera so you can live stream it too!

When livestreaming from your mobile phone on YouTube, one of the most important parts is how your camera will capture a good video. For this blog post we’ll mainly be talking about the phone’s screen recorder (or in later posts on other livestreaming platforms).

The first thing to do when using your phone as a camcorder is change its settings! By default it has really low resolution and captures at 30 frames per second, which means you won’t have much footage for editing purposes or capturing quality video without being able to see pixelated lines. So try messing with these options until you find what works best for you!

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