Repurpose your content to promote your channel

You just went live, but what do you do with all the content you created and video that you just invested so much energy on? Don’t let them fade away. Give your content a life beyond your stream by repurposing it and presenting it in a different way. Think of it as the same ideas and content, but a different wrapping!

Why bother to repurpose content?

Creating content and managing the distribution of said content on your social media is a difficult and time consuming process. However, there is a trick that might help you speed up this process: repurposing content.

You’re still looking for more reasons why you should repurpose your content? Well, here are a few of them!

  • Making the most of your efforts
    Giving a great video a second life is less time consuming than coming up with a new idea and working it out.

  • Easy way to create engagement
    You perfectly know what parts of your stream were well liked, and what fragments of the stream got the most engagement. This will probably perform as well on your social media channels, so it’s worth to repurposing this moment.

  • Create the fear of missing out
    We live in a time where FOMO is highly contagious because of today’s technology and the feature of expiring content mixes urgency, scarcity and exclusivity to ramp up that “FOMO”-vibe. It gives people who missed your stream an idea of what they are missing, and might pull them back to your stream.

  • Reaching a new audience
    Social networks, video sharing websites and streaming platforms strive to tailor their content to their visitors’ personal tastes. This has a dangerous unintended consequence: We get trapped in a “filter bubble and don’t get exposed to information about topics that we’re not following. By cross posting your content to other platforms, you might reach people who would never have heard from you otherwise!

  • Dusting off forgotten tales
    After streaming for a few months, you probably gathered over hundred of followers. Does this mean that they are all watching your stream? Probably not. Some of them might have forgotten about you, others might have forgotten about twitch as a platform. Cross posting your content to other platforms might reactivate people who have forgotten about your channel.

How to repurpose content?

If you’re going to repurpose content (and you should), make sure you choose content that performed well but isn’t outdated yet. If you’re not an expert on this topic yet, we advise you read about GaryVee’s content pyramid, in which he explains how he recycles his speeches in short-form pieces of content like: articles, memes, images, quotes, stories, mashups, remixes, rants, GIFS, etc.

Ways to repurpose Content?

  • As a #TBT on your social media accounts.
    People love to be nostalgic and look back on funny moments they have experienced.

  • As an announcement that you’re going live.
    It makes the announcement that you are about to go live more sexy and appealing from both a visual aspect, and a contextual one. This might be the key that makes people gravitate towards your stream instead of another.
  • Revive (or launch) Social Media accounts
    One of the easiest ways to beef up a new-to-you social media platform is to reuse well-performing content from other platforms.
  • Youtube Highlights and tutorials
    Sometimes taking a “show, don’t tell” approach is the best way to promote your stream. You probably already recorded your gameplay anyway, so by investing a bit of extra time into the editing process you can create a highlight movie or a tutorial. Who knows, you might notice the details you missed at first play.
  • Reaction gifs
    There is a perfect GIF for every moment, so having your own reaction gifs might offer you and your followers an easy way to engage with each other.

Examples of repurposed content

ScreaM using old footage to throw us back to his starting days

Lythes uses a clip from a past stream to announce her next livestream

Ninja highlighting a specific moment during his stream

Mike Larremore going from a Twitch stream to a YouTube tutorial

Repurpose your content to promote your channel